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Dig It Up! Pirate Discovery

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Ye treasure awaits! Uncover a trove of pirate treasure as you dig through this giant pirate chest. From jewels and coins to a pirate key, you’ll reveal a total of 13 magnificent finds, while using the guidebook to journal about your discoveries and read about buccaneers. The big Treasure Map poster is covered with cool fun facts about real-world places seeped in pirate lore! Did you know that if you walk the beaches of Padre Island, you may still find old gold coins in the sand? Just soak your dig project in water, chip away with your tools, and discover! This kit comes with a whole set of excavation tools for hammering, digging and brushing.

Product Details

  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Hands on lesson in science and the nature
  • 2 chisels allows you to dig with a friend
  • Contains 12 pirate treasures to discover, plus one bonus mini discovery


  • 1 18" X 24" treasure map poster filled with lore and treasure facts
  • 1 treasure-filled pirate ches
  • 13 total treasures
  • 2 chiseling tools, 1 hammer, 1 excavation brush, 1 sponge
  • 1 guidebook/excavation journal