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Adventure is Out There Hardcover Activity Book

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This handbook is ideal to discover how to track animals, make an insect hotel, construct a den, navigate using the stars, search for fossils, and more! Packed with wild activities, useful tips, cool facts and space to document your own notes, readers can never get bored.

Contents include:

Seeking adventure?; Tell a spooky campfire story; Create a campfire story; Animal identification guide; Campfire cooking; Go mothing; Come forth brave adventurer; How to build a fire; Cloudspotting; Make an insect hotel; Be an animal poop detective; How to tie knots; Assemble a survival kit; Build a den; Phases of the moon; Which animal adventurer are you?; Make a butterfly feeding station; Make rock art; Navigate using the stars; Go foraging; Make nettle tea; Go blackberrying; Go birdwatching; Feed the birds; Discover trees; Create leaf art; Mythical creatures; Adventure bucket list; Survive a desert island; Give geology a go; Dig for fossils; Make your own fossils; Great adventurers; Find your way; Create a treasure map; Build an obstacle course; Make a sundial; Make a weather vane; Wildlife watch; Be an aircraft engineer; My adventure goals; Make discoveries; Grow your own veg; Easy recipes; Set up a scavenger hunt; Wilderness wish list; Space explorers; Survival tips; Outdoor survival quiz; Make a hammock; What kind of explorer are you?