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Nisse Gnome Noel with Green Hat


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Nisse Gnome Noel is splendidly squat, with a rumpled mossy hat and a long scruffle beard. This button-nosed buddy has a rich red tunic and curly-toed leafy shoes. Hobbies include birdwatching, fishing and skipping round and round the garden!

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

In Iceland, 13 tricky, troll-like characters named the Yule Lads come out to visit children throughout the country during the 13 days leading up to Christmas. Children place their best shoes by the window, and for each night of Yuletide a different Yule Lad visits, leaving gifts in the shoes of good boys and girls and rotting potatoes in the shoes of the naughty ones!

Size= 6"H x 3"W

From Jellycat,  for ages 1 and up