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Oh What Fun! Holiday Trivia Game


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Oh, what fun! You'll be laughing all the way!

This festive collection of brainteasers and challenges will entertain the whole family. Great for groups. Easy to play. Just spin the dial to choose a category and draw a card.

  • Claus's Clues Each picture represents a holiday phrase. You guess what it means.
  • Tinsel Trivia Answer questions about traditions, carols, classic holiday movies, and more!
  • Carol Collisions Sing the words of one Christmas carol to the tune of another.
  • Christmas Tree Conundrums Solve the clues to find out exactly where each cut-out ornament will fit on the tree.


From Professor Puzzle, for ages 7 and up


Product Details


  • 1 spinner
  • 50 Tinsel Trivia Cards
  • 50 Carol Collision Cards
  • 50 Claus's Clues
  • 50 Christmas Tree Conundrums Cards
  • 6 Christmas Tree Conundrum Ornament Pieces
  • Tree Card