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Pi Marble Run Gauss Cannon Set


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With the 70-piece Marble Run Set Gausskanone, the untamed power of magnetism can be experienced. An instruction booklet with various constructions explains how daring tricks can be constructed with two Gausscannons and numerous run and construction elements. With the Marble Run Set Gausskanone you experience the untamed power of magnetism. Different superstructures show you with which power the Gausscannon can shoot the steel marbles through the track, thereby also ramps and tricky jumps are no longer an obstacle. To curb the magnetic power of the Gausscannon, the design must be able to withstand a lot. The 70-piece Gausscannon Set contains a high-quality instruction booklet with different superstructures. In it you will learn the most important tips and tricks to develop a stable construction for action-rich Gausscannon stunts. The 70-piece kit contains all the components you need to build a marble run. With 2 Gausscannons and 4 steel marbles, you can playfully discover magnetism and build tricky tracks and jumps with 24 run elements. 33 construction elements as well as 2 base plates provide the necessary stability and with a total of 5 tunnel adapters you can defy the centrifugal force of the accelerated marble. The Marble Run Set Gausskanone includes a manual with two different instructions. All components of the Marble Run Set Gausskanone are compatible with common building blocks from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds. Like all products from Hubelino, the Marble Run Set Gausskanone is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards. The Hubelino pi marble run system combines daring physics tricks with creative construction fun. The fascination of constructing tricky marble run racetracks is only topped by the high speed and action-packed tricks and stunts of the steel marble. And best of all: Hubelino pi can be combined with building