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Robin's Medical Rescue Ambulance

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Robin’s Medical Rescue is a reliable ambulance from WOW Toys, full of medical features for little ones to discover.

It can be opened in two ways; by sliding the side door open or by pushing the ‘magic’ button to release the backdoor ramp. The injured boy figure fits snuggly into Robin’s wheelchair or ambulance stretcher and either can be pushed down the ramp and out of the ambulance. The little boy may have a broken leg; just place him in Robin’s working X-ray machine to see if he needs an operation! Push him down to reveal the X-ray. Yes, his leg is broken, off to the hospital! Robin's powerful motor will make sure all call-outs are reached in no time at all.

Product Details

  • 5-piece set including 1 ambulance, 1 wheelchair, 1 stretcher, and 2 figures
  • Friction motor-powered ambulance with realistic engine sounds
  • Push the magic button to open the rear door
  • Push the button to automatically release the wheelchair
  • Push down the X-Ray machine and Click open the side door
  • Removable figures, stretcher, and push along with a wheelchair
  • No batteries are required!
  • No PVC, no toxic paint, BPA free, no small parts
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe figures
  • Suitable for children aged 1 - 5 years