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Sprigbox Sunflower Garden Grow Kit


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The enduring symbol of happiness and longevity, Sunflowers are guaranteed to brighten anyone's day. The will also brighten your day, because they are among the easiest plants to grow from seed. And no surprise, these yellow beauties like lots of sunlight so be sure to pick your favorite sunny windowsill to watch them grow.

Celebrating the Resilience of Ukraine

Ukraine is the world's largest producer of sunflower seeds! It's estimated that all of Ukraine's sunflower fields could cover the entire country of Slovenia! Sunflowers also happen to be the national flower of Ukraine.

Product Details

  • Includes: special wooden box to plant grow your seedlings, seeds, and soil
  • Sprouts will begin to show in 7-14 days and your flower might bloom after 3 months. Water daily and enjoy watching it grow!