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UGears Date Navigator

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Your journey into adventure and new discoveries. UGears Date Navigator comes with a 27-year lifespan of new discoveries. This model with its beautiful steampunk planetary mechanism will allow you to see into the future. It helps you to identify and plan your future activities for any date from 2017 to 2044. Just set the year and the month and find out what day of the week it is going to be. UGears Date Navigator can be assembled in less than an hour and no glue is required. Never get lost in time again.

From UGears, for ages 14+

Product Details

Model size: 4.1' x 3.9' x 0.7' in Package size: 7.3' x 10.8 x 0.2 in

Number of parts: 21

Level: Easiest

Assembly Time: 20 Minutes