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  • Waboba Gradient Moon Ball

    Gradiant Moon Ball


    The little ball that bounces out of this world. Lightweight, super-bouncy, with craters that make it 'pop' when it hits a hard surface. It's safe t...

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  • Waboba Mini Moon Ball
    Waboba Mini Moon Ball

    Mini Moon Ball


    A little gravity-bending, hyper-bouncy, limited-edition ball with craters that make a pop with every bounce. Comes in a variety of colors.From Wabo...

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  • Waboba Moonshine Ball

    Waboba Moonshine


    Goodnight sunshine, hello Moonshine! Play in the dark, because it’s a full moon every night with Waboba Moonshine. Our new light-up Moon Ball is sl...

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  • Waboba

    Waboba Throwback


    Adjustable, flexible velcro paddles? Brilliant! No more hard plastic and tennis balls. Throw and catch Waboba's new AIRLYFT glider as it flies up ...

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