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Bed & Comforter Set


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Bed & comforter set includes a single bed with a soft mattress and is large enough to accommodate adult-sized figure. Bed & comforter set features a Pillow and quilt with a cute floral pattern, and a bed frame engraved with a lovely floral pattern. Enjoy putting figures to bed. Create a beautifully furnished home for your Calico Critters with this and other Calico Critter furniture sets (all sold separately).

Product Details

  • Includes 4 pieces and accessories including rustic bedframe, form fitting mattress and matching floral comforter and pillow.
  • Suitable for adult, child and baby size Calico Critters figures.
  • Figures sold separately
  • Play together with Calico Critters figures, houses and accessories (all sold separately)
  • Recommended for ages 3+