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Everlie Elephant Softie

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People have been talking about a rumble in the jungle and, as it turns out, it’s been Everlie the Elephant Softie this whole time! She’s a professional party animal who loves to turn up the music and dance! Decadent gray plush materials and velvet lined ears make this playful pachyderm the ultimate in cuddly companions. Invite Everlie the Elephant Softie stuffed animal to your next party and you’ll both have a wild time!

Celebrating South Africa

In South Africa you can find the world's largest bird (ostrich), tallest animal (giraffe), heaviest flying bird, (great bustard), largest land mammal (African elephant), fast land mammal (cheetah), largest reptile (saltwater crocodile), largest fish (whale shark), largest antelope (eland), and the smallest mammal (elephant shrew).

Product Details

  • Polyester fill
  • 10" sitting

Safety and Care:

  • Recommended for 24MO+
  • Machine wash
  • Air Dry