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Gisele Baby Goat DLux


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Frolicsome and mischievous, goats have gained widespread public appeal. Now you can bring home one of these captivating critters for yourself! Gisele the DLux Goat is an ultra cuddly companion that will win the hearts of goat lovers of all ages! 

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

In Sweden, since 1966, a 42 ft. Yule Goat has been built in the center of Gävle Castle Square. This Swedish Christmas tradition has unwittingly led to another "tradition" of sorts- people trying to burn Gävle's Goat down. Although the burning of the goat is illegal and comes with a hefty fine, the Goat has successfully been burned down 29 times!

Product Details

  • 15.5 in long
  • Douglas Dlux collection

Safety and Care

  • Suitable for 24 months and older
  • Machine washable