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Lennie Lion Softie


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Lennie the Soft Lion plush is a cuddly little prince who dreams of becoming a great king one day! Lennie’s regal mane is crafted from silky, long pile plush fur, while his tawny body features ultra soft materials that beg to be picked up and hugged. Let Lennie the Lion stuffed animal reign supreme in your heart and this cuddly monarch will rule with courage and kindness!

Celebrating South Africa

South Africa only takes up 1% of the Earth's surface, but it accounts for 10% of the Earth's fish, bird, and plant species, and 6% of the Earth's mammal and reptile species.

Product Details

  • Size: Approximately 9" when sitting
  • Douglas Softies collection

Safety and Care

  • Recommended for ages 2+
  • Remove all tags before giving to child
  • Machine wash safe