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Skeffy Floppy Donkey


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We love donkeys for their uendearing features and bold personalities, and this floppy plush donkey, Skeffy, captures all that and more! This bright-eyed burro boasts a coat of cuddly gray fur that’s luxuriously soft. Coupled with a floppy body style, we’re sure Skeffy will be a sought after companion when it’s time to curl up and cuddle. Resilient polyester fill within will stand up to a lifetime of love. Accenting Skeffy’s gray coat are dark colored hooves and white facial details. A tuft of black fur at the end of the tail and a fluffy, stand-up mane lend Skeffy the Donkey stuffed animal a spunky appearance that’s guaranteed to warm your heart!


From Douglas Toys, for ages 2 and up


Product Details

Weight 3.3 oz
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 5 in