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UGears STEM LAB Differential


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  • The DIFFERENTIAL model kit is the mechanism without which you cannot turn a vehicle around. It demonstrates how the two drive wheels mounted on the same axle can rotate at a different rate and can thus cover a different distance. This mechanical toy is a miniature version of the main part of the transmission mechanism of a car. It improves its maneuverability and performance. Similar to other UGEARS construction kits for adults and children, this educational toy has an iconic design and it moves
  • The UGEARS STEM LAB is a NEW collection of educational mechanical models for children and adults that will give you hands-on experience and make you more familiar with science like physics or engineering. Learn about items of common use like gears and transmissions as well as their practical application in real life. STEM LAB model kits provide you with many hours of pleasure, turning the acquisition of knowledge into a joyous experience for both children and adults.
  • From UGears, for ages 8+