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UGears STEM LAB Gearbox


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The Gearbox is a stylized educational model, an interactive study guide to the mechanism, only for learning its essentials and principles of working. A mechanical gearbox is a reducer that provides speed and torque conversions from a motor to the driving wheels. After assembly, you can experiment with the'  Ugears manual Gearbox, by turns, choose I, II, III, or reverse with a kinematic pair of gears with different ratios and, rotating the actuator handle clockwise, you can watch and control the rotation speed of the layshaft. First Gear makes the layshaft and gears rotate with the lowest speed;'  the Second Gear lets the drive shaft along with the flywheel rotate at an average speed and the Third Gear allows the layshaft and all gears to rotate with the highest speed. Switch on the Reverse gear and see how the driving clutch gear moves to the left towards gear aœRa and connects to it transferring the rotation to the lower gear arrangement and propelling the layshaft and all gears to rotate in reverse.  

From UGears, for ages 8+

Product Details

Model Size: 5.1 x 3.9 x 4.3 in  x 2.5 in

Number of parts: 120

Level: Easy

Assembly Time: 2 hours