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Happy Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is the most important celebration of the year for those who follow the lunar calendar. It’s a time for families and friends to gather together to feast on foods with symbolic meanings and to exchange gifts and good wishes for the year to come.

From our Piccolo Mondo family to all those celebrating- May this coming year bring health, wellness, and joy! 


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  • Lunar New Year Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game
    Mad Libs

    Lunar New Year Mad Libs


    Ring in the holiday with some ADJECTIVE firecrackers and COLOR envelopes, and celebrate Lunar New Year with your family, friends, and Mad Libs!Luna...

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  • Jellycat

    Amuseable Clementine


    Jolly, juicy and perfectly plump, Amuseable Clementine is good for everyone! Ostentatiously orange with textured fur peel and very fine cordy leave...

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  • Lin Yi's Lantern
    Barefoot Books

    Lin Yi''s Lantern


    Lin Yi wants nothing more than a red rabbit lantern for the Moon Festival. But he knows that first he must buy the things his mother needs. Will he...

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  • Soup Dumpling

    Dumpling Large Squishable


    Soup dumplings are delicious bouncy little morsels of happiness filled with soup and MORE happiness! How do you eat one without it exploding in you...

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  • HarperCollins Publishers

    Eyes That Speak To The Stars


    A young boy comes to recognize his own power and ability to change the future. When a friend at school creates a hurtful drawing, the boy turns to ...

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  • Round is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes
    Hachette Book Group

    Round Is a Mooncake


    A little girl's urban neighborhood becomes a discovery ground for all things round, square, and rectangular in this lyrical picture book. Most item...

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  • Eyes That Kiss in the Corners
    HarperCollins Publishers

    Eyes That Kiss in the Corners


    A young girl notices that her eyes look different from her friends'. They have big round eyes and long lashes. The girl realizes that her eyes kiss...

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  • Eugene Red Dragon
    Douglas Toys

    Eugene Red Gold Dragon


    Eugene the Red Dragon is known throughout the kingdom for his fire breathing skills, but don't worry, he'd rather have a BBQ than set a farmer's fi...

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  • Squishable

    Ramen Large Squishable


    Slurp's up! Hanging out with the Comfort Food Ramen is like riding the umami filled broth waves into a world that can only be described as...mildly...

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  • Uncle Goose

    Chinese ABC Blocks


    Each block reveals an debossed Mandarin Chinese character representing the word for an animal.  On its opposing side, find the same character paire...

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  • Uncle Goose

    Vietnamese ABC Blocks


    Explore Vietnam and the Vietnamese language. Each block reveals a hand drawn animal paired with Vietnamese and English translations. Count numbers ...

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  • Uncle Goose

    Korean Blocks


    Expand your knowledge of Korea and the Korean language. This hand crafted block set features Korean language symbols. Enjoy the animal pictures pai...

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  • Uncle Goose

    Thai ABC Blocks


    Explore the Thai language. This set embodies the elegance of Thai culture. Enjoy the elegant script and a traditional Thai pattern. See and feel tw...

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