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  • Bopper Dolphin

    Bopper Dolphin


    Free spirited and energetic, Bopper the plush Dolphin is a lively nautical companion! Capture the magic of a maritime adventure when you hold Boppe...

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  • Smart Games

    Coral Reef Travel Game


    A colorful hide-and-seek game! Place the 4 pieces on the game board so that only the images shown in your challenge are exposed and the rest are co...

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  • Delano Dorado Fish

    Delano Dorado Fish


    Loud, proud and utterly adorable, it's Delano Dorado Fish! Rocking an aqua dorsal fin, stitchy flippers and a punky crescent tail, this fa...

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  • Electric Jellyfish Mood Light
    Electric Jellyfish Mood Light
    Fascinations (Metal Earth)

    Electric Jellyfish Lamp - 14"


    Mesmerizing! Just add water and watch 2 undulating jellyfish perform an elegant ballet. It comes with 5 color settings, an automatic shutoff, and A...

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  • Squishable

    Large Blue Whale Squishable


    You don't have to travel to the icy depths of Alaska to go whale-watching anymore! Now you can do it from the comfort of your own bed! The majestic...

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  • Little Stickers Aquarium
    Sold out
    EDC Publishing (Usborne / Kane Miller)

    Little Stickers Aquarium


    Dive into a shark tank, marvel at a coral reef, and visit the penguin pool, with stickers to add to each amazing scene. The back cover folds out to...

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  • Jellycat

    Love-Me Lobster


    Love-Me Lobster is delightfully dorky and full of crustacean cuddles! This joyful chum has suedey heart claws and a matching tail in plum-purple fu...

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  • Squishable

    Mini Orca 7" Squishable


    Hey Mini Orca, how was your summer? Spent it in Maine hanging out with the tourists and eating a lot of fish? Hey, I hear they have terrible mosqui...

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  • Mini Sea Turtle (7")

    Mini Sea Turtle Squishable


    Hey ladies! Do you like long walks on the beach? I'll do you one better - even longer, slower shuffles across the beach, using my flippers! There's...

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