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  • Bopper Dolphin

    Bopper Dolphin


    Free spirited and energetic, Bopper the plush Dolphin is a lively nautical companion! Capture the magic of a maritime adventure when you hold Boppe...

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  • Smart Games

    Coral Reef Travel Game


    A colorful hide-and-seek game! Place the 4 pieces on the game board so that only the images shown in your challenge are exposed and the rest are co...

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  • Pacey Pufferfish

    Pacey Puffer Fish


    Eep – looks like Pacey Pufferfish has had a big surprise! This dizzy dumpling is perfectly podgy, with a marshmallow tummy and seagrass fur. With s...

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  • Pebbles Turtle
    Sold out

    Pebbles Turtle


    Capable of migrating distances of thousands of miles, nobody knows the ocean's waters better than Pebbles!  So put on your scuba gear and follow th...

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  • Sold out
    Next Move

    Reef Board Game


    Dive into the beauty of the oceans and discover the magnificent coral reef. In the game, you will act as your own reef and take turns selecting how...

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