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  • Smart Games

    Coral Reef Travel Game


    A colorful hide-and-seek game! Place the 4 pieces on the game board so that only the images shown in your challenge are exposed and the rest are co...

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  • Larry Lobster

    Larry Lobster Medium


    Put your claws together for the one and only loveable Larry Lobster! This shimmying shellfish is a dance sensation in the undersea ballroom. Bright...

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  • Mini Sea Turtle (7")

    Mini Sea Turtle Squishable


    Hey ladies! Do you like long walks on the beach? I'll do you one better - even longer, slower shuffles across the beach, using my flippers! There's...

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  • Jellycat Odyl2oc Odyssey Octopus Little

    Odyssey Octopus Little


    Dive to the depths for high adventure with wonderful Odyssey Octopus! Squishably soft in sea-moss green, with eight super-squiggly springy arms, ...

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  • Pacey Pufferfish

    Pacey Puffer Fish


    Eep – looks like Pacey Pufferfish has had a big surprise! This dizzy dumpling is perfectly podgy, with a marshmallow tummy and seagrass fur. With s...

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  • Usborne

    Peek Inside A Coral Reef


    Peek inside a bright, bustling coral reef to meet all kinds of wonderful creatures. Discover tiny seahorses, hunting sharks, and busy fish that tak...

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  • Fun in Motion

    Shashibo - Undersea


    A shape-shifting mix of origami, magnetism, and geometry that morphs into dozens of amazing formations! This intriguing puzzle, made of sturdy plas...

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