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  • Dino  Squeezy Peek Hatcher
    Dino  Squeezy Peek Hatcher

    DINO Squeezy Peek Hatchers


    Dino Squeezy Peak Hatchers hold the cutest pop-up surprise! The teenie eggs are cracked open just slightly, revealing an adorable mini creature jus...

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  • Fossilly Brontosaurus

    Fossilly Brontosaurus


    A gentle veggie legend.Fossilly Brontosaurus is minty-soft, with a long, long tail and a strong stretch neck. It's handy for reaching the tasty fe...

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  • Fossilly T-Rex
    Sold out

    Fossilly T-Rex


    Gigantic growls and giggles!Fossilly T-Rex loves rambling about, making big prints with those chunky feet! With soft green fur instead of scales, a...

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  • Fossilly Triceratops

    Fossilly Triceratops


    Ready for a stompy stampede?You always know when Fossilly Triceratops is coming - the ground starts to wibble and wobble! This snuggly pal has soft...

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  • Grandasaurus T-Rex Cape with Claws, Size 4/6
    Grandasaurus T-Rex Cape with Claws, Size 4/6
    Great Pretenders (Creative Education of Canada)

    Grandasaurus T-Rex Cape


    R-o-o-a-r! Your dino-loving kid becomes the king of dinosaurs in this T-Rex cape with matching claws. Big felt teeth and realistic eyes add to the ...

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  • Heads Talk Tails Walk Game
    Think Fun

    Heads Talk Tails Walk


    Add "Charades" to a classic match game and pure hilarity follows. If your monkey head card doesn't match the frog body card you chose, all players ...

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  • Hey Clay - Dinos
    Fat Brain Toys

    Hey Clay Dinos


    Become a professional clay artist! The 18 cans of quality clay included in this vibrant set are soft, lightweight, non-sticky, nontoxic, and stai...

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