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  • Bashful Dino

    Bashful Dino Medium


    Bashful Dino is making history! Soft, not scaly, this mossy matey has chunky stomper-feet, a snuggly snout and fine squishy spines from head to tai...

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  • Dino Hatchling Mini Dig Kits
    Geo Central

    Dino Hatchling Mini Dig Kit


    Each block contains one resin dino hatchling! You will be surprised to find an  Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, o...

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  • Dino Magnetic Fun & Games
    Floss and Rock

    Dino Magnetic Fun & Games


    Dinosaurs & Ladders – Go up the ladders to find the fossil or get eaten by a t-rex and go down!Tic Tac Toe – Will the footprints or the fossils...

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  • Dinosaur Mazes
    Dinosaur Mazes
    EDC Publishing (Usborne / Kane Miller)

    Dinosaur Mazes


    Take to the skies with pterosaurs, evade erupting volcanoes and vicious Velociraptors, and encounter the king of lizards, T-Rex, as you delve into ...

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  • Jellycat Fos2steg Fossilly Stegosaurus

    Fossilly Stegosaurus


    Merrily munching lots of leaves!Gorgeously grassy, with a huggable hump, it's friendly Fossilly Stegosaurus! This delightful dino has soft, foldy s...

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  • Fossilly T-Rex

    Fossilly T-Rex


    Gigantic growls and giggles!Fossilly T-Rex loves rambling about, making big prints with those chunky feet! With soft green fur instead of scales, a...

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  • Fossilly Triceratops

    Fossilly Triceratops


    Ready for a stompy stampede?You always know when Fossilly Triceratops is coming - the ground starts to wibble and wobble! This snuggly pal has soft...

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  • Grandasaurus T-Rex Cape with Claws, Size 4/6
    Grandasaurus T-Rex Cape with Claws, Size 4/6
    Great Pretenders (Creative Education of Canada)

    Grandasaurus T-Rex Cape


    R-o-o-a-r! Your dino-loving kid becomes the king of dinosaurs in this T-Rex cape with matching claws. Big felt teeth and realistic eyes add to the ...

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  • Heads Talk Tails Walk Game
    Think Fun

    Heads Talk Tails Walk


    Add "Charades" to a classic match game and pure hilarity follows. If your monkey head card doesn't match the frog body card you chose, all players ...

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  • Hey Clay - Dinos
    Fat Brain Toys

    Hey Clay Dinos


    Become a professional clay artist!The 18 cans of quality clay included in this vibrant set are soft, lightweight, non-sticky, nontoxic, and stain...

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  • Plus-Plus

    Pteranodon Plus Plus Tube


    Plus-Plus is a whole new class of construction toy! One simple shape contains endless possibilities and hours of fun. Each piece easily connects to...

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